Medi-Cal Medically Tailored Meals Program

The Scope of the MTM Intervention


The Medi-Cal MTM Pilot Program is a Medically Tailored Meals Intervention for Medi-Cal beneficiaries with a diagnosis of congestive heart failure and who are high utilizers of health care services. The intervention is 12 weeks in duration.


Reduce hospital and emergency department 30-day and 90-day readmissions.  


Discharged Medi-Cal patients who were admitted due to Congestive Heart Failure exacerbations and have a history of being a high utilizer of health care services.


Free for eligible Medi-Cal patients.

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All Meals for 12 Weeks

  • Medically tailored meals
  • Tailored for CHF patients
  • Periodic wellness checks during delivery
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Medical Nutrition Therapy

  • Community-based
  • Four sessions
  • Two sessions at home or in community setting
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information & Referral Services

  • Nutrition-based case management
  • Referral to community-based resources


Pilot planning and implementation funded, in part, by Archstone Foundation.